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The Best Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange.
Instantly Convert Bitcoin And Over 100 Popular Cryptos.
We find the best rate on the market for your exchange. The final amount may vary due to the price fluctuations.
We fix a good rate for 15 minutes. The final amount will be the same regardless of the price fluctuations.
The simplest crypto experience there is.
Try our Telegram bot!
Today’s Statistics.
Cryptocurrency prices.
ChangeHero has helped make Exodus one of the best places to quickly and securely exchange thousands of cryptocurrency pairs. We share a customer-first approach and together have built an exchange experience that is frictionless for newcomers and crypto pros alike.
ChangeHero brings easy and instant cryptocurrency exchange to everyone. With an intuitive UI and upper echelon customer support, we highly recommend their platform for transacting TRX.
We’re proud to bring the convenience of ChangeHero’s crypto exchange platform to CoolWallet S. This partnership allows our customers to enjoy secure and hassle-free exchanges all within our hardware wallet at the most competitive rates.
ChangeHero platform allows easy and anonymous instant exchange of any cryptocurrency. Get your XEM today and convert crypto-to-crypto or fiat-to-crypto at the best rates.
"Did you know that ChangeHero makes it super easy to purchase XVG with your Visa or Mastercard credit cards? They also offer crypto asset swapping to verge right on their website! Be sure to check them out at"
What we offer.
Our Support Heroes are available round the clock to assist you in resolving any issues you face when you convert Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
On ChangeHero you can convert BTC, ETH and over 100 other cryptocurrencies without any limits and BNB restrictions.
ChangeHero is arguably the best crypto exchange. We convert Bitcoin, Ethereum and all the popular cryptocurrencies at a lightning speed. No more delays!
ChangeHero is a non-custodial service and we never hold your cryptocurrency. We send your cryptocurrency safely to the wallet right after the exchange.
ChangeHero is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms and you don’t have to worry about registrations. No account is needed to convert BTC, ETH and your favorite cryptocurrencies.
Our rates make us the best cryptocurrency exchange. We pick the best rate from various trading platforms at the moment of transaction.
Pick and Provide.
Simply choose the cryptocurrencies you want to exchange, select the type of rate and provide the details. We give you an estimate in a fraction of a second.
Confirm and send.
Check the details once again and confirm the transaction. Send the funds to the deposit address.
Relax and receive.
Relax a bit while we process the transaction. ChangeHero finds the best rate for the exchange, quickly converts your crypto and sends it safely to your wallet address in a few minutes.
Frequently Asked Questions About ChangeHero.
Most Asked.
About ChangeHero.
About Transactions.
Buy and sell crypto.
AML and KYC.
Most Asked.
What is with my order? I get "No transaction found" error.
The order is no longer available for viewing if the user changes their browser/cookie files or starts using VPN. Users can always inquire about the order status in our live chat, we are available 24/7.
My deposit is confirming for too long. Will the funds be exchanged eventually?
If the deposit eventually gets on chain and gains confirmations, your funds will be exchanged regardless of the confirmation time. For BTC for example it can take days if the funds were sent with a low network fee.
I have an issue with fiat purchase/selling crypto for fiat.
All orders that involve fiat money are handled by our partners Coinify and Mercuryo. You are assigned to one of them. To learn more about your fiat purchase/selling, please contact your provider at [email protected] or
Haven't received crypto to my account, Binance ChangeHero site says that my order is finished.
Sometimes it takes longer for some wallets to update your balance. You can try updating or synchronizing your wallet. If this does not help, we would recommend contacting your wallet support and provide them with the hash of your payout.
What is memo/destination tag/message, why do I need it and where to find it?
Memo/destination tag/message is needed for us to identify your payment. It applies only to some currencies such as BNB, XRP, XLM, XEM. Funds sent without the memo/destination tag/message might be lost and you would need to contact customer support to get it back. You can find the memo/destination tag/message for your transaction on the order page, it is provided by ChangeHero if necessary.
My order is pending for too long, I don't have a deposit hash.
Usually, it means that the sending is delayed by the 3rd party service or wallet. Please make sure your sending was successful. Contact your wallet support if necessary.
What type of BNB do you support? BEP20 or BEP2?
We support both BNB BEP2 with the ticker BNB and BNB BEP20 with the ticker BNBBSC.
Do you support coins on Binance Smart Chain?
At the moment we only support BNB on Binance Smart Chain with the ticker BNBBSC. Please do not send other assets using BSC, your funds will be lost in this case.
How do I make a transfer to your wallet?
For each order, we provide an individual deposit address. You should copy this address, open your wallet and paste it there specifying the amount you want to send. Or you can simply use the QR-code.
What does the message "contract payments are not supported" mean?
ChangeHero does not accept payments made via smart contracts. We also cannot send the funds to a contract address. "Contract payments are not supported" is just a warning for our users not to send their funds using smart contracts. You should make an ordinary transfer from your wallet instead for the exchange to be successful.
I want to become a partner/use your API, whom should I contact?
For business inquiries and cooperation offers please contact [email protected]
What happens if I send more/less than I initially stated when creating an order?
It depends on the type of order you have. If this is a Fixed Rate order, your funds will be refunded automatically as it is important to send the precise amount for this type of order. If this is a Best Rate order, the final amount will be adjusted in accordance with the deposit amount.
What happens if I replace my deposit with the one with a higher fee?
It depends on the type of order you have. If this is a Fixed Rate order, you will have to contact our support team to get assistance with the registration of the new deposit. If this is a Best Rate order, the new order with the new deposit will be created automatically.
About ChangeHero.
What is ChangeHero?
ChangeHero is one of the best crypto exchange platforms on the market. You can convert Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and over 100 crypto assets fast and securely using our service. On ChangeHero, you can buy crypto with a credit card or debit card and sell crypto for fiat. We provide the Best Rates in the market for your crypto exchange at a low fee.
How does ChangeHero work?
ChangeHero is integrated into some of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms like Binance and Huobi. We constantly monitor cryptocurrency prices for various pairs. At the moment of exchange, we select the Best Rate and proceed with the conversion. Check out this article for more info about us.
ChangeHero is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world trust our service. We are a team of experienced blockchain developers.image

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